Laser Cutting / Etching

Welcome to the future! Lasers can cut many materials including paper wood and various plastics. Additionally we have the capacity to etch stone and glass. Our machine has a two foot by three foot bed with an optional rotary fixture for cylindrical objects. 


One offs and production runs

If you are looking to have a single item or one thousand items. Laser and CNC projects scale nicely.


When something doesn't quite fit or needs to be precisely sized, milling is the answer. In addition to simple milling operations I can accommodate four axis CNC milling jobs. Once loaded the machine goes to town and does its beautiful dance.



As objects age, they don't always work as good as they used to and sometimes they stop working all together. Welding, tapping, soldering and sewing are a few options when glue won't hold. Before you take your item to the landfill, bring it to me for a second chance on life. 


Creating items from raw materials and found objects is my passion. The more interesting and rewarding projects tend to be more technical. Regardless of material, I am excited and comfortable creating objects to fit most any need.


Custom prototypes

If you can dream it, I can likely build it or manage the production. From flamethrowers to succulents, no project is off the table.



Sometimes items are working perfectly but you want to extend their functionality, this is my specialty. Adding a more accurate pressure gauge to your coffee machine, make something faster or brighter than before, let me know.



If you are looking for a service that is not listed here but falls in the realm of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or industrial design, don't hesitate to drop me a line.