Champagne Skirt

Did someone say belle of the ball? With this skirt, you can hold one hundred glasses of champagne and serve drinks.

Settlers of Catan

Everyone loves a good game of Settlers. Why not make a lasting memory by playing on this billet aluminum set?

Flaming Hats

Wearing a flaming hat is always a good way to get attention and to light up the place. These hats are super dangerous but if you keep you cool, a whole lot of fun.

Scale Restoration

Grandma's scale has seen better days. After a complete strip, polish and new paint, it is ready for another hundred years of service.

Branding Game

This carnival game makes web customization fun. The game was approachable by all ages and sent data back to a server for UI customization updates.

Speaker Vests

Take the party on the road, to the beach or to the desert with this mobile sound system. The Speaker Jacket is always a blast to wear and you are guaranteed to be in the center of the dance floor.

Pendant Lights

These pendants were made to give my kitchen a little something extra. They use only tension and joinery to stay together.

Shy Bot

Sometimes you just want to run and hide. This robot was built to do just that. It was set free in the desert with a bashful personality.