Champagne Skirt

Champagne Skirt


Weddings and Gala events seem to be less an opportunity to celebrate love and more about impressing your guests. If you don't like to play games you can't win, this item will ensure a lasting impression. Let me introduce the Champagne Skirt, it holds one hundred glasses of Champagne and glides effortlessly over hard surfaces.

The skirt is made from six hoops and five vertical ribs. Three of the hoops carry Champagne flutes while the rest are structural. The whole frame is sitting on polyurethane casters which makes moving around effortless. When not in use the skirt packs down to six inches tall.

The frame can be further decorated to perfectly fit every event. It can go to parties and distribute almost any thing (popcorn, souvenirs), you are not limited to champagne.

* Only the Bell model holds 100 glasses, the A-Line and Diamond profiles hold less.

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Shipping most anywhere in the US is less than two hundred and twenty five dollars.

Lead time

If there are no skirts in stock it usually takes six to eight weeks to fabricate and finish a new skirt.

Assembly Instructions

You can see detailed instructions for assembly here.

Powder Coating

The skirts come with a powder coated finish. It is a durable baked on finish. If you are ordering new construction can pick any color you want!